All the musicians in the band are professional artists in their own right and have been performing at high profile events, corporate functions, weddings and parties for many years. We are very strict on our audition procedure, and are confident that all of our band members understand the on/offstage rules as appropriate. This means that as well as conducting themselves well musically on stage, they are also approachable, polite and maintain a professional image when not performing.

Yes, you can check out videos and audio by clicking here

Audio Chaff can easily provide this service. We can also provide a cut down version of the ensemble booked (for the evening event) for an afternoon background jazz or pop set, either as a solo pianist, solo guitarist or a duo for example.

Yes, CLICK HERE for a list of current repertoire for the band.

Audio Chaff perform regularly and often in public engagements at venues such as clubs, bars and restaurants. If you are keen to see the band perform live then we are happy to provide you with information about any of their upcoming public performances for you to attend.

Send us an enquiry from the website (see CONTACT), an email to or give us a ring (07875 581659)!

Our policy is to contract every booking. Therefore, when you decide to book the band we will liaise with you to put a contract together. This contract agrees the terms that we have negotiated with you and ourselves, which we sign as ‘The Band’ and you sign as the client.

This depends on the size of the band and how easy it is for the band to load in their equipment to the venue. We can provide specific get in times for each of our ensembles so please get in touch.

This is something that will be discussed when you book the band as it is specific to each occasion. Party bands at a wedding normally play 2 x 45 minute sets. Most of the time this is sufficient but if you require more time then this can easily be arranged for an agreed fee. We would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

Each variation of the band is priced differently. If you can let us know what your budget is then we can recommend an appropriate ensemble for that price range. A price list is also available, please email us for this.

Yes. A corporate function can be different to a wedding/party/function. We can fit the entertainment around the theme of the evening and provide you with a variety of eclectic and dynamic sets that will create a lasting impression. If you tell us what you want then we will provide it!

Audio Chaff can accommodate many requests and styles. Typical lineups are as follows:

Full Band – Brass Section (Trumpet/Sax/Trombone), Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Singer.

Midi Band – Sax, Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Singer.

Jazz Band – Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax, Singer.

Swing Band – Brass Section (Trumpet/Sax/Trombone), Piano, Bass, Drums, Singer.

We can cater for all events. Private, wedding, corporate and public.

In the event of cancellation the following fee scale will apply:
Between 61 – 90 days from the performance date – 25% of the total fee is payable.
Between 31- 60 days from the performance date – 50% of the total fee is payable.
Between 15 to 30 days from the performance date – 75% of the total fee is payable.
Within 14 days from the performance date – 100% of the total fee is payable.

The band will need to know arrival times, sound check time, location and that you can provide them with food and drink if necessary/appropriate.

Once you have decided which size band you would like to book we will confirm our availability and if we are available we will take a deposit to secure the booking. Bookings will be held without deposit for a maximum of 14 days. The remaining balance in due 30 days before the band is due to perform.

The band is based in Warwickshire but is able to travel to your location easily and it can often work out more economical for you if they are playing near your event the night before for example. The quotes you will receive from us will include any travel costs that the band will incur.

We cover most styles and genres, and subject to availability and price, we can cover all locations throughout the UK and Europe.

We have been operating in this industry for many years and we have built up a great working relationship with the venues we work at and our clients. Our industry links and background means that you can rest assured that we have sourced the very best musicians and put them in one band for you to enjoy. We have very high standards for the musicians to get into the band and only work with a very small percentage of musicians who ask to play with us.
As a band we want to make your using us is worth your while. In order to ensure this we provide you with:

1. An easy-to-navigate website that has several multimedia features.
2. Great knowledge of the services that we offer.
3. The ability to negotiate fees to get you the best deal.
4. Industry standard contracts and invoices to give you peace of mind and security.
5. Outstanding customer service.
6. Liaising with you about your needs and expectations.
7. After sales feedback so we can help to improve our service.

Yes we will learn a song for you if we have the time to rehearse it and fully prepare. We may already know your requested song but have not played it recently or have it in our current repertoire, so please ask.