We have been operating in this industry for many years and we have built up a great working relationship with the venues we work at and our clients. Our industry links and background means that you can rest assured that we have sourced the very best musicians and put them in one band for you to enjoy. We have very high standards for the musicians to get into the band and only work with a very small percentage of musicians who ask to play with us.
As a band we want to make your using us is worth your while. In order to ensure this we provide you with:

1. An easy-to-navigate website that has several multimedia features.
2. Great knowledge of the services that we offer.
3. The ability to negotiate fees to get you the best deal.
4. Industry standard contracts and invoices to give you peace of mind and security.
5. Outstanding customer service.
6. Liaising with you about your needs and expectations.
7. After sales feedback so we can help to improve our service.